Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Page In Progress Review

Today I am going to let you know my thoughts on Page in Progress.
Has it happened to you that you have been working on something while you are scrap-booking or card-making and at 1st it looks great, so you decide to go ahead and make the page to realize later that is not what you wanted. Well, this happens to me all the time and I hate the fact that my effort and material got wasted. Also, When I move my stuff from one place to another I wanted something that would leave my stuff on the page as it is. Well, I guess I got the answer to my questions with PIP(Page in Progress). This product is a boon to Scrap Booking at an affordable price. You can leave your page the way it is and come back and assemble it without the worry of working on it again. I know you may be thinking...How is that possible?.
PIP is a very simple looking, flat box however it has some great benefits. It provides you with super-strong magnets which holds your assembly of unfinished projects in it's place so you don't have to worry of re-arranging again.
Here you see it is standing straight still all the images are exactly there where I had arranged...isn't that cool.

It is so cool that It fits in my tote and all I have to do put the lid on the box and carry it and finish the project in class.

I also love the fact that I can use it for my sewing and quilting needs while I am trying to work on a new idea or project.

There is marking on the box according to paper size 8, 11 and 6.
I am very much delighted with this product, it's ease of use and convenience of carrying my project without the hassle of working on it again. If you are someone who love to save time and your idea and that too at affordable price then PIP is for you.

Keep Scrapping!!

Thank you Cropperware/PIP for sending this product for review.



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